A Brazilian Beauty

So there I was, earlier today, sitting at my Laptop and ‘ping’ – I get a message from one of our gem suppliers… the message starts… 

 ‘This magnificent gem just came across my desk… It’s Brazilian. 2.54cts’

I scroll down, and POW… One of the most beautiful Paraiba Tourmaline I’ve seen! Daniel at Suna Bros in NY, a true gem expert, knows I’m obsessed.

So I decided it is time to share with you more about why I love Paraiba Tourmalines, so lets start from the beginning… The Tourmaline. 

Tourmaline is somewhat magical… possessing pyroelectric properties, it can attract and repel hot ashes. It is mined in Africa, Asia, United States and South America and available in a variety of colours, in fact, sometimes more than one colour in a single stone – however I will save the delicious looking Watermelon Tourmaline for a story another day!

Paraiba Tourmaline is quite simply the rarest of all Tourmaline… but not just Tourmaline, rarer than a Diamond, Ruby or Sapphire. It’s one of mother natures ‘little secrets’. Remaining hidden for thousands of years, until its discovery in 1987, in the state of Paraiba Brazil. It is not surprising then, that most people have never heard of or seen one. 

But, this gem is not only special because it is rare… The colour, I’m sure you’ll agree, could have been poured from the waters of Bermuda. The vibrancy and play of light… well you will have to come in store to experience that… it’s phenomenal!  

Since Pariaba Torumaline was first discovered, deposits have also been found in the neighbouring state of Rio Grande do Nort, however these gems are less intense in colour, containing lesser traces of copper, the mineral that causes this amazing colour.  

 During the late 1990’s in Nigeria and more recently in Mozambique, Tourmaline containing traces of copper have also been found, and whilst also incredibly rare, are more softly coloured as it’s Brazilian cousin. This Platinum ring champions a 6.19ct Mozambique Paraiba Tourmaline in its centre and surrounded by 1.18ct of diamond. A fabulous piece of jewellery created for someone who loves dramatic statement pieces! 

As one of the rarest gemstone on the planet, Paraiba Tourmaline is seen by many as an investment gem. In May 2018 a pair of Paraiba Tourmaline Earrings sold for US$2.78million in Christies Hong Kong. The gems weighed 7.46 and 6.81 carats respectively, making them US$194,730 per carat. 

I am pleased to report, that even the rarest, top quality Brazilian Paraiba Tourmalines are available at Astwood Dickinson at a fraction of this price. For example, the ring here is priced at $39,000 and is available to view in store and on our website. 

Please contact me on our website or call on +1 (441) 292 5805 to book an appointment to view or create a unique piece of jewellery. 

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