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We carry out work in platinum and silver as well as all purities of gold. Our service ranges from a simple ring re-sizing or chain repair, to the alteration or complete rebuilding of your treasured items – including supplying diamonds and other precious stones if required.

We can also re-string your pearls, with or without securing knots between each pearl, plus solder charms onto charm bracelets.

In store, we can quote for the most simple repair jobs while you wait. More complex work needs to be sent to a goldsmith for an estimate before proceeding. There is no charge for these estimates and you are under no obligation to proceed at any stage.


It is essential to keep good care of your jewellery if you want it to look at its best. It is also important to have your jewellery checked at least once a year to make sure everything is as it should be. Better safe than sorry definitely rings true in this instance.

If a setting happens to be worn or a stone is loose a repair will be far cheaper than replacing a lost stone or a lost item of jewellery. While we are checking your jewelry we will always clean your pieces appropriately, please note we can also offer a steam clean and polishing service and also rhodium-plating for those white gold items.

Sterling silver will polish up with a simple polishing cloth. For more tarnished pieces, silver ‘foam’ or dip can be put to good use. If there is pitting in the surface of the silver itself, polishing by the workshop will be required to restore the surface finish.

Need A Repair?

Visit our store for immediate servicing of your watch or repair of your jewelry. Have a question first? Use this form to contact us.


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